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Learn how to use the Email Signature tool on Pushbio
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You don't have to always type your email signature manually every time you send a mail. With the Email Signature tool, you can design your signature and paste it into every mail you send.

Here is how to use the Signature tool:

  • Login to your user dashboard;
  • Scroll to and click on the Signature tab on the left-side menu bar;

  • Click on the Create Signature button;

  • Enter an appropriate Name for your signature and click on the Create button;

This creates your signature button which you can now edit to your satisfaction.

Editing Your Signature 

Now that your Signature button is ready, here is how you can edit it:

Under the Main tab, you can perform the following tasks;

  • Edit your Name;
  • Select a Template of your choice;
  • Determine the orientation Direction of your signature either from left-right or right-left;
  • You can also toggle off or on the Branding option;
  • Select your preferred Project for saving your signature.

  • Click on Update to save your changes. 

Under the Details tab, you can perform the following tasks;

  • You can set Personal information such as image URL, job title, department and company;
  • You can use the Contact tab to add information such as email, web address, physical address, phone number and many others;
  • The Social media tab lets you add links to several social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others;
  • You can also add a disclaimer text by clicking on the Disclaimer tab;
  • Click on the Update button to save your changes.

Under the Customization tab, you can perform the following tasks;

  • Set your Font type and Font size;

  • Determine your Email signature width in pixel;
  • you can also set your preferred Image width as well as Social media icons width;
  • Pick a Theme color of your choice;
  • You can also set Text color and Link color;
  • Click on Update to save our changes.

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