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We will teach you how to create stunning AI Images
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Do you have an idea you wish to turn to an image, look no further than our AI Image generating tool. With this tool, you can create appealing images for use. You can create 3D Rendition, Stickers, Pencil drawings nd many more. Additionally, you can also pick lightning styles ranging from warm, or cold, to natural and cinematic.  

Here is how to use our AI Image tool:

  • Login to your user dashboard;
  • Scroll to and click on the AI Image tool on the left-side menu bar;
  • Click on the Generate AI Image button;
  • Depending on your Payment Plan, the number of available images you can generate is displayed at the top-right corner of the page. Agency Plan has 25 AI images per month while the Pro Plan has 10 AI images per month available.
  • To create your AI Image, input an appropriate Name for your image;
  • In the Image Description box, provide a guide to the AI on what you want to generate;
  • Select the Art Style you want the image based on specific art parameters. You can choose between 29 art style option;
  • You can also set the Lightning Style you want for your image based on specific light parameters. Choose between 10 options;
  • Set the Mood for your image by picking from 10 options we have for you;
  • Determine the Image Resolution by picking from the sizes available.
  • You can further refine your image by clicking on the Advanced Settings button
  • You can set Variants also to determine the number of images the AI will generate;
  • Select which Project you want to save your generate AI Image. This will allow for easy categorization of your resources;
  • When you are sure all is set, click on the Create button.

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