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Create unique QR Codes with our code generator on steroids. Follow these steps!
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QR codes are matrix barcodes that carry a wide range of information in a square-square grid. You can use them as a locator, identifier, or tracker of specific URLs or apps.

And on Pushbio, creating your QR codes just got easier and can be done in a few steps:

  • Click on the "Total QR Code" tab displayed on the dashboard;
  • Next, click on Create QR;
  • Fill out the form on the page by providing the requisite information in the correct fields;
  • You also have to select the type of QR you wish to create. We have up to 11 relevant services that you can generate QR for;
  • Fill the relevant information into the QR type field chosen.

This completes the first stage of creating your QR Code. 

Editing Your QR Code

With QR Codes, you have the ability to edit, customize and change the appearance before finalizing your QR creation process. We've added tools to aid you in doing just this;


You are probably used to seeing QR Codes in black and white, but with the color editing feature on Pushbio; you can change the colors in a multitude of ways:

  • The "Style" tab allows you to select which shape you want your code to take. You can select between square, round, and dot;
  • You can choose to have your "Foreground Type" as "Gradient" or "Color." Both have specific capabilities and uniqueness;

If you choose Gradient

  • Set the "Foreground Gradient Style" by picking from the five options available;
  • You can also set the Foreground First and Second colors;
  • The "Foreground First Color" works to change the inner Color of your QR Code;
  • The "Foreground Second Color" works to change the outer Color of your QR Code;

If you select "Color" as your "Foreground Type"

  • All you need do is to set your Foreground Color;

You can also set your "Background Color" and the "Background Transparency" level.

We also allow you to play around with the colors of your QR Code eyes.

  • You can set the "Eyes Inner Color." This changes the color of the square box surrounding your QR Code;
  • Set the "Eyes Outer Color" to change the little square color in the outer boxes.


Want more from your QR Code? Check out the functionalities attached to the Branding tab. This allows you to add a logo to your code. To do this:

  • Upload a file by clicking on the Choose File. We support JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats;
  • You can always resize your logo by sliding up or down the "Logo Size" bar.


The options bar allows you to make more technical changes to your QR Code. With this tool, you can:

  • You can play around with the pixel quality of your QR Code by increasing or decreasing the value;
  • Additionally, you can set the "Margin Size" of your choice to reflect the space between your code and its borders;
  • Finally, you can set the "Error Correction Capability" of your code. Setting this lets you restore data should your code get damaged or corrupted. There is four corrections level to pick from. 
However, keep in mind that while increasing the error correction level improves its effectiveness, it also increases the amount of data QR Code size.

Once satisfied with your QR design, click the Update button to save your work. After creating your QR code, you can print or download a copy.

The download is available in SVG, PNG, JPG, and WEBP formats.

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