How to Create a VCard Link

Quickly describe yourself and your business in a few words with our VCard feature. Here is how to do so.
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VCard is essentially your business card but in electronic format. It gives you the power to share your business information over multiple electronic means. You can send them via email messaging, instant messaging, Multimedia messaging services, the internet, social media platforms, and many others.

To create a VCard link on Pushbio, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • On the Push bio dashboard mid-page, click on Create Link and select VCard Link from the drop-down list.
  • Select your preferred domain and fill in a custom alias of your choosing or leave blank for a randomly generated option;
  • Next, click on the Create VCard URL button;
  • With VCard, you can upload an avatar in PNG, JPEG, and JPG file formats;
  • Fill out the form and provide the necessary information as requested;
  • Under the Note section, you can input a brief yet concise description of you and your business.

Editing Your VCard Link

Because we know how VCard can be vital to you, we have included some exciting editing features to help you make the most of your VCard link. Empower your VCard by using the following tools:


You can add as many social media links as possible to your VCard via this tool.

  • Simply click on the socials tab;
  • Click on Create button;
  • Fill in the Label e.g Facebook and URL (your social profile URL).

Temporary URL

As with File Link and Shortened Link, you also enjoy all the perks that come with the Temporary URL feature.

You can Schedule your VCard link as well as set "Click Limits." Should your main VCard link expire, you can send visitors to any page of your choice by setting it as your "Expiration URL."


The Protection feature is similar to that of File Link or Shortened Links. You can secure your content with a password and notify visitors of the presence of sensitive content by toggling on the "Sensitive Content Warning" switch.

The "Advanced" feature lets you add to projects you deem worthy, useful if you are managing for multiple clients.

After completing your edits, click on the "Update" tab to ensure all your changes are effected.

Managing Your VCard Link

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