How to Create Shortened Link

Reduce the length of your URLs drastically with our Link shortening feature and even do more with the shortened link.
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Note: Link shortening is available only on paid plans

We know how long URLs can be annoying, especially for content creators. To actively combat this, Pushbio has link-shortening functionalities.

With this tool, you can considerably reduce the length of your links while still connecting to the content of your choice.

To create shortened links:

  • On your Puhbio Dashboard;
  • Click on the "Create Link" button;
  • Select "Shortened URL" from the drop-down menu;
  • This brings up a dialogue box where you can input your long URL into the space provided;
  • You can choose your preferred domain and enter the alias for the short link or accept a random generated one by us;
  • The final step is to click on the "Shorten URL" button.

Editing Your Shortened Link

That's not all; Pushbio also provides you with additional tool kits to help your further edit your shortened URL:


You can add tracking pixel to your short link. Just select from already created tracking code or create a new one if you don't have any existing pixel.

Temporary URL

On Pushbio, shortening links even gets better. You can schedule the date and time you want your link to be active with us.

All you need do is to toggle on schedule select a "start and end date."

Click Limit: You can also limit the number of clicks your shortened URL can get. Once this limit is reached, your link becomes inactive. 

Expiration URL: What happens after the short link expired? Expiration URL allows potential audiences to be redirected to the URL you set after your shortened link expires.


Shortened links can be used to keep specific content private. Thankfully, Pushbio allows you to do just this with its protection feature for a shortened link. This will enable you to lock the content on your link with a password.

To access the contents behind a shortened link with this feature, visitors will be required to supply the password, effectively guarding your content.

While password protection helps to keep your content safe, users can also enjoy some form of protection. You can toggle on or off the "sensitive content protection" feature to notify the audience of the presence of sensitive content.


If the simplicity of connecting with your potential clients is all you want, then you will enjoy our excellent targeting feature. It allows you to target specific audience markets by leveraging critical metrics such as:

  • Country - send visitors to different URLs based on their location;
  • Device type - provide the correct links based on a user's device, either desktop, tablet, or mobile;
  • Browser language - serve up your content in several languages based on visitors' browser language; 
  • Operating system - you can also serve viewers your content based on their device's operating system. We provide coverage to a wide range of OS, including Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, Linux, and Chrome OS. 
  • Rotation & A/B testing.

Select your preferred targeting option, then click on Create button to set proceed.

Once set with your editing, click on the "Update" button to save your shortened URL link. You copy and send it to any platform you wish to share.

Managing Your Shortened URL

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