What is Leap Link and How to Setup?

We will show you exactly what leap link is, how to set one up and how you can use it.
Written by Pushbio
Updated 3 months ago

Leap link lets you send your visitors to a specific URL of your choosing when they try to visit your Bio link page.

This feature can be highly beneficial if you are:

  • Hosting a promotion;
  • Showcasing new content;
  • Special sales;
  • Have important information, such as breaking news, announcements, etc., to share;
  • Launching a new product or aspect of your business.

To use Leap link on Pushbio:

  • Head to your Bio link settings page;
  • Scroll to the "Advanced" section tab and click on it;
  • Input your desired Leap link URL;
  • Update your Bio link setting to effect your changes.

If you wish to discontinue using your set Leap link, all you need do is remove the URL in the Leap link space, leave it empty and click on Update.

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