How to Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway

Learn how to integrate Stripe with Pushbio to accept payment for goods and services on your biolink page.
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Stripe is another popular online payment option that is usable with Pushbio. You can easily integrate this platform by following these steps:

This feature is available on paid plans only
  • Click on your Profile Name at the top right corner of the dashboard.
  • Scroll to Payment Processor and click on it.
  • From your payment processor page, click on Create Payment Processor;
  • Enter a name for easy identification;
  • Select Stripe as the processor you wish to integrate;
  • Click on Create. You can then proceed with the integration proper
  • Enter your Stripe Publishable Key, Secret Key and Webhook Secret, click on Instructions right above Update button to learn how to get these keys on your Stripe dashboard
  • Follow the instructions appropriately and enter the details in their respective fields;

Click on Update, and you can now receive payment for your product and services and even accept donations via Stripe on your Pushbio page.

The Stripe Payment Option is available on Products, Services and Donation Blocks only

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