How to Add Tracking Pixel to Biolink page

Get more from your Biolink page by learning how to add tracking pixel for efficient data gathering and for remarketing.
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Updated 3 months ago

The pixel feature on Pushbio lets you keep tabs on your visitors by gathering data from them and their activities on your page. The collected data include user behavior: site conversions, web traffic, and other metrics essential for page analytics and marketing.

How to Create Tracking Pixel

To create tracking pixels on Pushbio, follow the process below:

  • Scroll to Pixels on the Menu bar on the left side of the dashboard and click on it;
  • From the pixel page, click on the "Create Pixel" button;
  • A dialogue box comes up, and you have to input the required details such name for your pixel, Pixel type and Pixel ID;
  • After entering your details, click "Submit" to add a pixel.

We support the following Pixel type (click for guide on how to create pixel for each platform)

Adding Pixels to Your Biolink Page

Here is how to add your created pixels to your Biolink page:

  • Navigate to your Biolink page;
  • Click on the "Pixels" tab under settings;
  • Every pixel created will be displayed under this tab;
  • Select the ones you wish to add to your page by checking the box before each name.

This will automatically add the selected pixel to your Biolink page.

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