How to Add and Manage Team Members

Learn how to include team members to your Pushbio account to help you out.
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We recognize the importance of having helping hands as you go along. For this reason, our "Team System" lets you add team members to your account.

This feature is available on Agency plan only

Before you can add team members, you need to create a team. Here is how to do so:

Creating a Team

  • Click on your Account Name  at the bottom left corner of the dashboard;
  • Scroll to Teams system and click on it;
  • Select My Teams;
  • Click on the "Create Team" tab;
  • Enter the preferred name for your team and click on create;

This will create your team, and you can now add team members.

Adding Team Members

  • Click on the appropriate team name you wish to invite members to join;
  • Locate the Invite member button and click on it;
  • Enter the email address of the invitee;
  • Set the permissions you want to grant each invitee by checking the appropriate box next to each metric;
  • Click on "Invite via Email."

Note that invitees won't be granted access to account settings, payments, logs, and other account-related pages. This helps guarantee your account's safety and sensitive details' security.

We will send your invitees a mail notifying them of your intentions to add them to your team.

Accepting Invites and Joining a Team

Invitees must accept an invitation before they can be added to your team. To accept an invite, follow the steps below:

  • Open your email inbox and click on the mail from us;
  • Once opened, click on the "register and accept the invitation" link for new user or login and accept the invitation link for existing user;

If an invitee has an account already with us, all they need to do is log in. If not, they must register and activate their account on the Pushbio.

  • The link will take you directly to the Team System page, otherwise, click on you profile name at the top right corner, select Teams from the menu;
  • On the page, select "Teams Member" and click on the more () options;
  • Accept the invite by clicking on the Join option.

Once an invitee accepts an invitation, the status on your page changes from "Invited" to "Accepted."

Managing Team Members

You can manage your team members from the Teams System page:

  • Select My Team from the team system page;
  • Click on the name of the team you wish to make changes to;
  • You can review access by granting more or removing a specific team member;
  • To do this, click on the "" button and select edit;
  • Make your edit and click on Update to save changes made;
  • You can also delete a team member;
  • To delete, click on the "" button in front of the team member and click on Delete.

Following the above step will permanently remove the team member from your team, and the action is irreversible.

Deleting Teams

You can also decide to delete an entire team. If you wish to do this, here is how:

  • From the Teams System page, select the My Team option;
  • Scroll the name of the team you want to delete;
  • Click on the "" button in front of the team name;
  • Select Delete from the option displayed, and you will be prompted to confirm your action.
Once a team is deleted, it is irreversible, and all information associated with the team will be lost.

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