How to Integrate Google Analytics

Learn how to add Google Analytics tracking code to your Bio link page.
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Pushbio allows you to integrate google analytics into your Bio link page to help further you keep tabs on important metrics.

To do this successfully, you must have an active Google Analytics account. If you don't, here is how to get one.

You must have also added your bio page as a property (You can read more here on how to add website on google analytics).

You can track your metrics via Google Analytics on your Bio link page in two ways:

Using Google Analytics Universal ID

  • To integrate Google Analytics, you need first to create a pixel;
  • Select Google Analytics from the dropdown menu as the type of pixel being made;
  • Copy and paste your Tracking ID from your Google Analytics account;
  • You can locate your Tracking ID by clicking on the Admin Panel in your analytics account and then select Tracking Code.
Google Universal ID looks like this UA-000000-2

Using The Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID

  • Copy and paste your Measurement ID from your Google Analytics account;
  • You can locate your Measurement ID by clicking on the Property Column in your analytics account, then Data Streams, and select Web copy its Measurement Information and paste on the tracking pixel field on your pushbio account.
  • After pasting, click on the Create button to have your pixel.

To complete the integration process:

  • After creating the corresponding pixel, head to your Bio link settings page;
  • Scroll to Pixels and click on it;
  • Check the box next to your preferred tracking Google Analytics Pixel;
  • Click on the Update button to effect your changes and complete the integration process.
    Note that you must have a premium Pushbio account before you can integrate Google Analytics. 
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