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We Are Going to Show You How to Generate Facebook Pixel for Your Biolink Page
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From your biolink page, you have access to capture your audience data, thanks to the integration of Facebook pixel. This is useful if you run campaigns on Facebook.

However, before you can achieve this, you have to setup pixels for each ads you are running. Then integrate the generated pixel ID into your bio link page.

Tip: To learn how to generate your Facebook Pixel ID before beginning integrating, please refer to the official Facebook documentation on how to create pixel

Once you have successfully created your pixel, then follow the steps below to integrate to your bio link page

  • Copy your Facebook Pixel ID that you just generated;
  • Log in to your Pushbio dashboard, scroll to Pixels tab at the bottom left corner of your dashboard;
  • On the Pixel page, click Create Pixel, on the pop up box, enter pixel name, select Facebook as type and enter the copied pixel;
  • Head back to your dashboard, click on the name of the Biolink Page that you want to link your Facebook Pixel;
  • Scroll down to Pixels tab and check the pixel name which you just created;
  • Click on “Update” to save and validate of Facebook Pixel ID on your Biolink page;
Note that Facebook Pixel ID can only be added to a premium Pushbio account.

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