Bio Link vs Shortened Link

Learn about the difference between Bio link and shortened link.
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Updated 10 months ago

On Pushbio, we allow you to create Bio link and shortened links per project. Your subscription plan will determine how many of each type of link you can make.

Both types of links can come in handy in your promotional efforts. However, they differ in some ways. Here is how:

  • A Bio link is a URL connecting visitors to a specific landing page. The page is often loaded with your content and other information you wish to share. With Bio link, the audience can see everything on a specific project, interact with it, and even make transactions. 
  • On the other hand, a shortened link is a reduced version of any lengthy URL. Using shortened links makes it easier to share your links essentially on platforms with character limitations. Also, the audience gets to enjoy a quick way of copying, pasting, and accessing the destination page of the URL since the link becomes easy to memorize.

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