Managing Your VCard Link

Learn how to manage your VCard on Pushbio
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Updated 10 months ago

VCards are great for quickly introducing your brand to visitors. Follow these procedures to manage your VCard links:

  • Click on the Total Vcard Links tab on your dashboard;
  • Scroll to the name of the VCard you wish to manage;
  • You can view its Total Page View Stats by clicking on the graph icon in front of it;
  • You can change the status of a VCard by toggling on the switch. This takes your VCard off or online;
  • Click on the “⁝” icon to perform the following:
  • You can choose to make edits to your VCard by selecting the Edit option from the menu displayed;
  • You can also view VCard statistics;
  • Additionally, you can generate a QR code for your VCard;
  • From the menu displayed, you can also choose to Delete a VCard.
Note that this action is irreversible and once effected, all data relating to the VCard will be lost.
  • You can also chose to export your VCard as a CVS or JSON file by clicking on the Download icon.
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