Link Statistics and Chart

Learn about how you can monitor the stats of each link you create on Pushbio.
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Updated 10 months ago

Now that you have some links on your Pushbio, its time to keep an eye on the statistics each one has. The statistics provides you with a detailed information on several metrics which can aid in your decision making process.

To check the statistics and chart of each links on your page, please follow the guide below:

  • From your user dashboard, scroll down to the link;
  • Click on the graph/chart icon in front of the link you want to check its statistics;
  • This will display the statistics available to the link;
  • Our statistics provide you an in-depth look at metrics such as specific locations of your visitors (countries and cities), the device they are using, its operating system as well as browser language;
  • If you want specific stats for certain dates, click on the calendar or date tab to set a timeline for the stats you want. after setting the date, click on Apply to view the stat;
  • You can also reset your statistics by clicking on the reset icon;
  • Additionally, you can export specific metric stats as either a CSV or JSON file.


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