How to Protect Biolink Page with Password

Learn how to lock your Biolink page with a password in simple steps.
Written by Pushbio
Updated 3 months ago

If you don't wish to make your Biolink page accessible to everyone, you can password-protect it. This will require visitors to provide your password before they can be granted access to your link and the contents on your page.

Here is how to set a password:

  • From the Biolink settings page, locate the "Protection" tab and click on it;
  • Input a password of your choice;
  • Click on Update to effect your changes.

Now, a gateway page is displayed when a visitor attempts to view your page. After they supply your password, they can click on Submit to get access.

Removing Password Protection

You can remove your password protection in two steps:

  • From your Protection tab, delete the password you have inputted;
  • Click on Update to effect this change, and your page will no longer be password protected.
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