How to Optimize Biolink Page for SEO

Get your biolink page on SERP by learning how to optimize your biolink for Search Engine.
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Improving the SEO of your page is an added advantage since it helps juice up your reach and ability to capture the relevant market audience. To enhance your SEO, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • From your dashboard, click on the Total Biolinks tab;
  • Scroll to the Biolink you wish to optimize for and click on it;
  • This will direct you to the Biolink settings page;
  • From here, scroll down and click on the SEO tab;

A drop-down menu is displayed from which you can perform the following functions:

Block search engine indexing

Not granting access to search engine crawlers to index your Biolink page means your page won't appear in search results. While this might sound bad, it has its good as well.

If your page is still in construction, then blocking indexing by search engines is advisable. To block search engine indexing, toggle the switch to the on position.

Page title

Title tags are essential basics in SEO. The page title provides a concise description of your Biolink page to search engines.

Meta description

This provides a summary of what your bio page entails. This aspect of SEO can help you get more visibility, clicks, and traffic to your page.

OpenGraph image

An opengraph image is an image that displays when you post your Biolink URL on your social media platforms or websites. This helps you improve your page's performance by providing a preview of your page.

We accept jpg, jpeg, png, and gif images.

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