How to Manage Biolink Block

You can manage your biolink blocks by learning these few steps.
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You can manage your Biolink blocks in several ways. You can make edits, duplicate a block and out-rightly delete a block.

You need to be on the biolink settings page to manage blocks

On the biolink page settings page, next to Settings tab, Click on Blocks

Click on the "⁝" icon in front of a block and select the action you want to complete from the pop-up menu.

Available biolink settings are;

  • Edit; This expands your view by displaying the various settings options available for a specific block
  • Statistics; This display the click report on a specific block
  • View; You can view the position of the block on the biolink page
  • Duplicate;
  • Delete

Re-ordering blocks

You can re-order the arrangement of the links present on your Biolink page. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the drag-and-drop icon located of the appropriate block located before the block;
  • While still holding on to the icon, drag the link to the desired spot to re-order.
Once you are satisfied with your editing on your settings, click on Update to save your edit.

Changing block status

Changing the status of a link means you can remove it from your page without necessarily deleting it. This can be helpful if you have several links on your page and you wish to keep your page neat and streamlined.

You can change a link status by doing this:

  • Scroll to the block you wish to change its status;
  • Switch the toggle key to the left-hand side to take the link offline;
  • You can always return the link online by toggling the key once more.

Deleting block

No longer want to keep a link block? You can delete it from your Biolink by doing this:

  • Click on the "icon in front of the link you wish to delete;
  • Scroll to the delete option at the bottom of the pop-up menu and click on it;
  • A confirmation box is displayed for you to confirm your action;
  • If you still want to delete the link, click on the delete button; if not, click on the "x" icon on the top right-hand corner of the notification.
Note that all data relating to the link will be erased and lost once you delete it.
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