Adding Social Media Links

Learn how to include your social media links to your biolink page in simple steps.
Written by Pushbio
Updated 3 weeks ago

As you already know, one of the benefits of having a biolink profile is the opportunity to create a collection of social media links on a single page.

From your biolink page, you can send visitors to your different social media profiles. This is how to get it done:

  • O your Dashboard, scroll to link section and click on the Biolink to navigate to the Biolink settings options of the page you want to add social links;
  • Click on the "Add Blocks" button;
  • Search or Scroll to the Socials tab and click on it;
  • A pop-up box displays the list of social media platforms that you can add;
  • Copy your profile username from each social media account and paste it into the appropriate boxes;
  • You can also set the color you wish your social icon to display;
  • Additionally, you can also select the size you want for your social icons.

Once done, click on the Submit button to finalize the addition of social media links to your Biolink page.

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